Your Cataract Surgery Should Be Laser Assisted; Here’s Why!

What Are The Benefits?

New laser assisted procedures increase the precision and predictability of cataract surgery more than ever before. Instead of manually performing much of the operation with the traditional blade, this innovation allows our surgeons to undergo the most delicate, and challenging steps of cataract surgery using a computer programmed blade-free laser.

Fraser Valley Cataract and Laser is one of the first eye centers in the Fraser Valley to adopt this new technology. It’s important to us that we offer our patients the best eyecare medically possible and the laser lets us do just that. By using the LenSx® Laser, our surgeons have more control over a procedure’s outcome allowing us to precisely tailor the surgery to our patient’s specific needs

How Does This New Technology Work?

During your laser assisted surgery, an ultrasound device is placed over your eye to map out its surface. This device registers the exact location, size, and depth the incisions should be then sends that information to the computer operating the laser. In addition to making the incisions, this laser can also soften the cataract before a probe breaks it up and clears the pieces out.


Although there is an additional cost, many consider laser assisted cataract surgery to be well worth it. The comfort of having a laser rather than a blade to create incisions for the operation is one most vision counselors would recommend. Although there is nothing wrong with traditional cataract surgery, by automating the most difficult and delicate steps, you can maximize results and minimize risk.

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