Fraser Valley Cataract & Laser


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Mission, Vision and Values


We are pleased to welcome you to Fraser Valley Cataract and Laser, our comprehensive ophthalmology practice and surgical facility located in south central Surrey, co-founded in 2013 by Dr. Gabriel Chu and Dr. Joseph King. As a state-of-the-art medical and surgical facility, we stay current in diagnostic and surgical procedures and continually endeavor to provide our patients with the highest quality of care.


Our mission is to bring the highest quality of ophthalmic care to each and every patient in the Fraser Valley. We know this can only be done by ensuring each member of our team is committed to providing compassionate, personal care to all patients that trust us with their vision.

Our Values

Quality, best care and the best outcomes

We constantly work to maintain and further develop the highest standard of care available to patients in the Fraser Valley. Our team of staff and doctors are always looking for ways to improve the services we provide for our patients.

Patient centricity

We recognize that each patient's needs are unique and do our best to care for those who visit our clinic in a way that reflects that.

Professionalism and high ethical standards

We adhere to a high ethical standard and aim to display professionalism in all that we do. We believe in using our actions to show patients and referring partners that they can trust us.

Teamwork and Productivity

The level of care we provide would not be possible without every member of our team. We are constantly communicating and working with one another to make the patients experience as seamless as possible.